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Master-Thesis & Kolloquium


This course is for students who wish to write their master’s thesis about a topic from the field of operations management under the supervision of a member of the team of the chair of operations management. For this course an application is mandatory. In order to apply, we kindly ask you to hand in the application form as well as a current transcript of records and a letter of motivation. Advanced knowledge in the field of operations management is required by all participants. The assignment of a topic takes place after your successful application.

Master’s theses written at the OM chair are always linked to a current research project with a wider scope. Within this framework, students are asked to work on a sub-project independently. All projects are supervised by a member of the OM chair’s team. Topics are generally assigned only after a first meeting with the student. Students are welcome to state their preferences for a particular topic. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that these preferences can always be considered.

In general writing a master’s thesis in collaboration with a company is possible. This does, however, require the approval of the examiner. Topics coming from the industry are only acceptable if they are from the fields of logistics, operation management or supply chain management with a sufficient academic depth. When you consider writing your thesis in collaboration with a company, please attach a short project description to your application (1-2 A4 pages) that should also contain some background information about the company.

Please also consider the guidance on how to write a seminar paper when writing your master’s thesis.

Required qualifications:

Application documents

Suggested topics

Currently we offer the following topics:

1)     Planning of safety stocks under random production yield

2)     Contracts in After Sales Service and their implications for inventory management of spare parts

3)     Inventory Management with different customer classes

4)     Joint optimization of spare parts inventory and maintenance activities

5)     The Joint Inventory-Location Problem

6)     The impact of shipment consolidation on safety stocks in a supply chain

For this course an application is mandatory. Please hand in your application at the end of the current term’s lecture period, if you wish to write your master’s thesis in the following term. The application deadline is published on the Web-page during the lecture period.

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