Seminar: Collaborative Transportation

Module objectives and intended study results:

The students

  • become acquainted with specific topics in collaborative transportation,
  • learn to acquire knowledge by independent learning,
  • have the ability to find literature concerning a specific topic,
  • develop the ability to analyse academic papers critically,
  • advance their skills in academic writing,
  • have the ability to coordinate with peers,
  • advance the skills in presenting in front of an auditorium,
  • have the ability to defend their thesis in a discussion.


  • Transportation in the Sharing Economy
  • Collaborative vehicle routing
  • Centralized collaborations
  • Decentralized collaborations
  • Auction-based collaborations

Previous Knowledge recommendations:

The contents of the following module are recommended

  • Computational Transportation

Schedule and seminar procedure:

  • First meeting and registration takes place on October 23rd at 1:15 p.m. in building 23 room K11.

  • If you are interested and want to participate, please go to the first meeting!

    session   date   content
    1       23.10.2019   Introduction & registration
    2   06.11.2019       Discussion basic literature
    3   20.11.2019   Discussion basic literature & topic assignment
    4   04.12.2019   Tutorial & content questions
    5   11.12.2019   Tutorial (negative examples)
    6   18.12.2019   Presentation
    7   15.01.2020   Presentation
    8   29.01.2020   Presentation

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