Scientific Project


The scientific projects are aimed at students of the master programs Business Economics (with specialization in Logistics & Operations Management) and Operations Research and Business Analytics (with specialization in Supply Chain Management). It is assumed that the students have prior knowledge of methodology and content in the field of operations management and have informed themselves about the requirements of the chair.



Programming skills are not required. The projects in this summer term will be organized in two phases: At first, the special methodology and programming skills (Matlab) are conveyed during lectures and tutorials. After that, the participants will work as groups (consistent of a maximum of four persons) on different projects. Every group member shall understand problem, modelling and programming. All problems can and shall be solved using Matlab. Specified articles must be intensively studied. In addition, other papers suitable for the topic shall be considered. The solutions for homework during the semester must be handed in partly to prove participation.


Further information about the Scientific Project in Summer Term 2019 can be found here.



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