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Master Operations Research and Business Analytics

Master Business Economics

You like solving challenging supply chain problems?
You like to analyze and optimize logistic processes?
You like to develop decision support  tools?
You like working with data and mathematics?
You like working together with international students?

The new Master Programm ORBA will prepare you for a career as Business Analyst and you can choose the spezialisation "Supply Chain Management". 

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You like to learn more about Supply Chains?
You like to learn more about
Inventory Management?
You like to learn more about logistic?

In the Master Programm Business Economics you can choose the spezialisation "Logistics abd Operations Management" where several courses for the spezialisation are offered.

More information can be found here.

Study Experiences & Benefits from the courses

J. David
Global Supply Chain Planner, Continental AG

As participant in the master program “Business Economics” at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg from 2013-2016 I earned a vast amount of experiences with profiling focus on Logistics and Operations Management. After finishing my studies, I started in the head quarter of Continental AG in Hannover as Global Supply Chain Analyst. Because of attended study courses like “Supply Chain and Inventory Management”, “Simulation” or “Service Logistics” I am well-prepared for my career in the logistics industry. As Global Supply Chain Planner, my responsibilities are in detail to ensure tire availability under consideration of capacity and production restrictions. For that our department is in contact with plants, warehouses and markets to optimize the supply chain interaction and fulfill the customer queries. Every day we as central had also new challenges to manage our whole tire portfolio during the supply chain. Besides we are confronted with big data problems as well. Therefore, my study experiences with EXCEL, Access and SAP are very helpful to deal with our daily challenges and show me the importance of handling with logistics and IT at the same time. For the future, there will be many job possibilities in the automotive and technology sector relating to interaction of both disciplines. In times of increasing complexity in Supply Chains there will be also a focus on networking topics between customers, logistics, IT and production regarding Industry 4.0.

Have you ever wondered what negative energy prices have to do with failed weather forecast? On graduating from Christian-Albrechts-University to Kiel in 2012 I couldn't imagine either. Directly after receiving my diploma I started working as IT consultant and my first solo project after my induction took me to E.ON where I optimized the delivery of IT services on certain SLAs over the complete chain. At university I personally focused on a combination of studies in Supply Chain Management and Informatics which proofed as ideal complements. Moreover, multidisciplinary elements of courses like Operations Management, Operations Research with MATLAB or Simulation were common subjects during my interviews and prepared me very well for demands that companies have. In 2015 I started working as process and requirements manager for a regional energy supplier delivering electricity and gas nationwide. Again, I was glad to have chosen my area of specialisation the way I did because it opened up this opportunity. Now the processing of vast amounts of transaction data in SAP and related energy data systems, the requirements of digitalisation within the energy sector and the provision of de-carbonisation of the economy are the challenges to come. And the latter is the reason why you might (luckily rarely) have to pay for forwarding you electricity. If your weather forecast based model underestimates the amount of regenerative energy generated the price of carbon-based energy may become negative.

 T. Zachert
Prozess- und Anforderungsmanager, Stadtwerke Flensburg

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