Recent Publications

  • The paper "Optimal and heuristic policies for assemble-to-order systems with different review periods" (G. A. Karaarslan, Z. Atan, T. de Kok, G. P. Kiesmüller) is published in EJOR, Volume 271, Issue 1, pp. 80-96. Link
  • The paper "The influence of spare parts provisioning on buffer size in a production system" (G.P. Kiesmüller, J. Zimmermann) is published in IISE Transactions, Volume 50, No. 5, pp 1-14. Link
  • The paper "Disposal versus rework Inventory control in a production system with random yield" (D. Sonntag, G.P. Kiesmüller) is published in EJOR, Volume 267, pp 138-149. Link

  • The paper "Approaches for periodic inventory control under random production yield and fixed setup cost " (G.P. Kiesmüller, K. Inderfurth) is published in OR Spectrum, Volume 40, Issue 2, pp 449477. Link

  • The paper "The Influence of Quality Inspections on the Optimal Safety Stock Level" (D. Sonntag, G.P. Kiesmüller) is published in POMS, Volume 26, Issue 7, pp 1284-1298. Link

More publications of Prof. Kiesmüller can be found here

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